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  • With Organic Coconut, Rice Bran and Shea Butter
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THANN—Skincare which Combines Nature, Aromatherapy and Dermalotogical Science

A brand concept is usually closely related to the founder’s own beliefs, and the same goes for  THANN, a skincare company originating from Thailand. Since young, the brand’s founder Tony Suppattraont has always loved being in touch with nature while at the same time is passionate towards the world of design and innovation.


This is precisely why THANN’s skincare products are  manufactured with vitamin E-rich extracts of rice bran oil deriving from the Oryza sativa, commonly known as rice. Combined with Regenisterm’s special skincare technology which stimulates the production of collagen in skin cells, THANN’s skincare collections are the essence which helps to improve the skin’s protective layer. Apart from that, THANN is the first skincare brand to have adapted the Nano Shiso technology into their products. Shiso is known as a jewel in Japanese cuisine which acts as the key ingredient of food which promotes longevity. It promotes the best effect when shiso leaves are used along with Nano Shiso seeds.

THANN is also a big believer in aromatherapy, where the theory circulates around how scents can leave impacts on a people’s moods, and aromatherapy specializes in creating fragrances or aromas which can help one to relieve stress or to promote deep relaxation. The importance of aroma has long since been discovered by people in the olden days and this led to a revolution where aromatherapy has been widely used. As an award-winning brand for both aromatherapy and skincare, THANN understands that aromatherapy and the optimum skincare would be able to formulate overall happiness. Being an aromatherapy expert, THANN has since launched 4 different collections of aromatherapy products, namely Eden Breeze, Sea Foam, Aromatic Wood and Oriental Essence.


THANN Rice product - Collection Line

THANN Rice Collection

THANN Shiso product - Collection Line

THANN Shiso Collection

Eden Breeze Bath and Massage Oil
with Rice Bran Oil, Rose and Jasmine Essential Oils 295 ml
Eden Breeze Body Butter 350 g
with Nano Shiso, Rose and Jasmine Essential Oils
Facial Cleanser 200 ml
With Nano Shiso and Green Tea Extracts

Jasmine Blossom Shower Cream 250 ml -




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